Welcome to La Palta Orchard Care.


My name is John Schnackenberg and I am a fruit tree care expert based in Santa Barbara California.  My mission is to bring my knowledge and experience to people with one to 500 fruit trees to insure their optimum health, vigor and beauty. I am currently available to take on new clients who want their single tree or small orchard to reach its full potential.


I grew up on a small avocado orchard in Carpinteria and have been around and involved in agriculture my whole life. I studied Fruit Science at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and earned my B.S. in 1987.


My strengths are in subtropical fruits like avocado and citrus but I have experience with most types of fruit trees that can be grown in our area. I am also a licensed Pest Control Advisor whose primary goal is to create an orchard/growing environment that requires no pesticide use through good cultural practices, ant control and other preventative actions.


Whole orchard to single fruit tree evaluation

If you have old, neglected or declining fruit trees I will check for pest, disease, nutritional and abiotic issues and form and implement a plan to bring them back to good health, appearance and productivity.

Orchard and tree management

I can help create a schedule of cultural practices for a backyard to commercial orchard and advise existing orchard workers, gardener or homeowners get the most from their fruit trees. I offer the following orchard management services:

  1. fruit tree pruning
  2. fruit tree grafting
  3. inarch grafting
  4. fertilizer and nutrition recommendations
  5. soil and plant tissue testing
  6. rehabilitation of neglected trees
  7. non-chemical ant control on fruit trees
  8. irrigation scheduling and management
  9. planning and planting new orchards


Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about trees and what services I can provide you.

805-729-6873 cellular

John@lapalta.com e-mail

www.lapalta.com website

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